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Household Goods Storage



Self Storage made simple

You want peace of mind when your household goods are in storage. You have that peace of mind with KRC International because of their long experience and personal service.

Our customers want cost effective, indoor or containerised storage, to suit their budget considerations.

Our location in Aberdeenshire/Angus allows us to compensate our clients by the reduced overheads, saving at least 50% on current market rates.

Competitive storage rates, approximately 50% less than current market rates.

Its easy!

Transport your own goods to our facility, you inventory and load the effects into the storage containers.  We then seal the container and stack it away for safe storage.

Self storage containers are handled and stored in the same way as regular storage and can be accessed by prior arrangement.  For all self storage a declaration of contents will have to be supplied in order that the store is maintained in a safe and secure environment.

Our Containers

KRC's storage containers are removal

industry standard.  Each container holds

250 cubic feet, with approximate

dimensions of 8ft x 7ft x 5ft.

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