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Many of our clients need confidential documents destroyed safely to protect their own as well as their clients’ privacy and meet legal obligations in terms of the Data Protection Act.   Our well established document shredding service is competitively priced and affordable too


How it works

KRC can provide a flexible confidential document destruction service that’s tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you are a small or large business we can offer secure onsite or offsite shredding.


Q. Will I receive a Certificate of Destruction?

A. Yes.  Once your confidential data has been destroyed we will issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records as proof of compliance with Data Protection legislation. 


Q. What about site security?

A. Making sure that your sensitive materials are shredded in the most secure way is our main priority.  Our shredding operation is highly secure with the entire facility with CCTV surveillance.   For added peace of mind we can also arrange to have the documents destroyed at your own premise.


Q. What happens once my waste is shredded?

A. All the shredded documents are recycled into more paper



Document Destruction



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