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Archive Storage Made Simple

Have you ever calculated how much space is taken up in your office with non-essential paperwork?  Or how much you pay each year to store this paperwork?

Take a four drawer filing cabinet as an example, a 4 drawer cabinet takes up 5 sq. ft of floor space. If you pay rent at £20.00 per sq. ft per annum, it will cost your company £100.00 each year to store the paperwork inside.

By utilising our document storage service, not only can you clear potential work areas of paper but also save up to £71.20 per filing cabinet per year.

Our Services at a glance

  • Cater for current and deep archives.

  • Individual file retrieval.

  • Courier service - to Aberdeen every morning and at the same time our courier will collect any returns and bring back to us the same day.

  • We manifest their boxes of archives and put them on to our computerised system free of charge.

  • Clients may have destruct dates on their archives upon client authorisation we organise archive/file destruction.

  • Clients can come to our premises at any time to inspect specific boxes of archives and, unlike other archive companies,we do not make any charge for this.

    The simplicity and effectiveness of our manifesting and storing process ensure cost-effectiveness.



Document Storage



Document Destruction
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